Students collaborate with WFDD for Election Day coverage

An Election Day “vox pop” produced by journalism students Katherine Laws (’20) and Will May (’20) aired Election Day on WFDD on the “All Things Considered” news hour, bringing listeners insight into the half of the electorate who don’t vote.

The radio story was part of an ongoing collaboration between WFDD and Professor Phoebe Zerwick’s class in Community Journalism, earning a mention in the “NC Local” newsletter. 

Students Laws (’20), May (’20), Jessica Baker (’19), Regine Boykin (’20), and David Ajamy  chose to cover the election through interviews with voters, to explore the mood of the electorate of downtown Winston-Salem. They collaborated on written and audio stories published on the days preceding the election and live Election Night on their online publication, “Heard it Here.

They began by covering early voting by waiting outside the polling place at the Forsyth County Board of Elections downtown to interview voters. Ajamy and Boykin’s stories focused on turnout, while May’s focused on youth turnout. Baker reported on the proposed voter ID amendment and its potential impact, while Laws produced a “vox pop” that featured several voter voices.

The team continued their efforts on Election Day, conducting numerous interviews at a variety of places in and around downtown. Ajamy, Baker, and Boykin profiled individual voters to examine their motivations. Laws and May collaborated to produce a “vox pop” comprised of interviews with various non-voters downtown.

That evening, the class produced their stories from the WFDD newsroom, while keeping an eye on the election returns.

Will May