Amber Burton (’15) at WSJ

The A-hed is WSJ’s daily news feature. Often the funny news of the day, the feature balances the day’s business news with common (and at times, not so common) curiosities and eccentricities.

As most stories do, my A-hed grew out of a conversation with a co-worker. We were talking about office plants and I made the statement “succulents are the new chia pet.” This was followed up with a why? Which led me on a fun hunt to find out why so many people are obsessed with their houseplants. I found my sources through Reddit, Instagram and friends of acquaintances. A lot of the people were far fetch in terms of reachability, but I’m a firm believer that it never hurts to send an email, direct message or pick up the phone. The great thing about an article such as this is that it’s all about passion, and people love talking about their passions. The hardest part turned out to be figuring out what to cut. Luckily I had great editors. I always aim to show not tell and let my sources speak for themselves. 
I currently work in the WSJ newsroom on the Audience and Analytics team. We work with editors and reporters on strategy and story performance. One of the big questions I’m considering everyday is How can I better reach new audiences with our journalism? I work with social media, live journalism, Journal reports, podcasts, and many other teams to make sure we are reaching target audiences through all platforms. It’s a dynamic role and the opportunity to do my own reporting ties it all together. I recently wrote about the trends of women in the workplace.
Amber Burton, WFU’15